Sculpture Art Academy Canada Practicum Information

Sculpture Art Academy’s Philosophy

In the modern contemporary world that we all live in, we are led to believe that retirement or the acquisition of large amounts of money will fulfill the lifelong-awaited desire for peace and happiness. The truth is that for most of us it remains an illusion that never materializes. Through my experience, the only time in which I have found peace is in the present, doing that which pleases me. All the promises and plans of future attainment, whatever they may be, usually or always remain that; a future, which seldom happens or only leads one on to another futuristic realm, which totally evades the beauty of living in the present. I have not been taught these beliefs by some guru, spiritual leader or religious dogma, but by Nature, its creatures and dreams.

Primarily stone has shown me the gift of concentration and the bounty of listening to the living rhythm inherent in all matter. It took dozens of figures initially to believe and have enough faith in myself that I actually could sculpt in peace without succumbing to the pressure of “Time Angst” which so permeates our world. With each piece completed I was shown once again that if I simply took the time to follow the natural rhythm of that which I heard, saw and felt everything would succeed.

For those who wish to begin to work gradually towards discovering their own creative expression, especially through sculpting and carving, I have established this Art Academy to pass on that what I have been shown in the past two decades. Through the example of creating stone and wood carvings and sculptures entirely based on using hammer, chisel, knife and polishing stone, together with cherishing the natural rhythm of the materials used, I desire to give a working tool and knowledge to all participants, regardless of walk of life, and to assist each one in finding fulfillment in their creative endeavors.

The Art Academy is not limited to just young striving artists who want to learn sculpting skills to receive an accredited practicum, but to anyone who wishes to hear the whisper of stone and wood that could perhaps enhance their own personal adventures.

The Art Academy is part of a Foundation to advance and promote the placing of fine art sculptures as donations in the public domain.