Sculpture Art Academy Canada Practicum Information

Children´s Laughter

In naming my non-profit foundation by this title I am creating an expressive analogy to that which in my heart and soul is the epitome of human ideology and achievement. There are, and have been, many philosophies or religious directions which through history have tried to lead or coerce Humanity towards happiness or spiritual awareness. Many have failed in their objective but all have to some degree, however small, contributed to the growth of the human soul. Still, many of those who promised or prophesized great things and visions of happiness were often the same people who blamed and used their gospel as an excuse that they have little or no time for the children around them. They believed that their calling was, or is, greater or more important than to lend an ear or smile to be a part of children´s laughter. The only term to describe this attitude is hypocrisy. Children are the only real truthful human beings on this planet, especially in naming and revealing truths for what they really are.

In keeping with this belief and using children´s truthfulness as my guiding example I have tried over the years to create my sculptures and art in a way that contributes to the growth of people to take the time to do that which makes them happy. The fact that all of us were once children gives us the chance to remember a time in our own lives where we saw and experienced life from a different plane or perspective, obviously physically, but also socially and spiritually. Children usually do that which pleases them and abhor that which confines or regimentates. Reflecting this ideal, I believe that by doing work in our lives which is creatively satis- fying and conducive to happiness we positively influence the ones closest to us, essentially our children and loved ones.

This creates a circle of life which children growing up see and use as an example to continue and pass on to others. Of course, this is usually not the case for the majority of mankind. We are univer- sally indoctrinated from earliest youth onwards with teachings or hypocrisies which are aimed at subjugating our will to believe what we are told is good for us, even though in our feelings and heart and soul we know otherwise. One of the best examples of this is the ever present proverb? Time is Money? Most of us are under such a serfdom of pressure and fear of survival that there is little or no time in our lives left over for anything but escape or rest from that which fully occupies our existance, especially with things that are of no benefit towards truly fulfilling our basic human desire for simple peace and happiness.

Many accredited art professors or historians, not to mention innumerable lay people,have stated to me that the way things of beauty were done in the past, in regard to sculpting, are no longer possible because no one can simply pay for the time involved to create such masterpieces. I do not, or never have,believed those statements to be true and through the completion and docu- mentation of my works I have proven the contrary. It is possible. (Strange that any one in this modern world should have to defend the possibility of taking time to create beauty). It just depends on the will, faith and desire of those who believe that a fine and beautiful work of art is a necessary component of all,past and present, growing and healthy societies and cultures.

With the implementation of my aforementioned ideals through the existence of Children's Laughter non-profit Foundation and the Sculpture Art Academy I feel the possibility arises to strive towards and achieve a better situation for all people, principally to help and learn from the children, through happier and more content parents and adults who courageously follow their heart's desire and whisper.

Thus Children's Laughter.